January 20, 2021

Compartment Lunch Box Earth’s Natural Alternative Renewable Plant Fiber


Compartment Lunch Box Earth's Natural Alternative Renewable Plant Fiber

Natural Renewable Compartment Lunch Box

Compartment lunch box Earth’s Natural Alternative Renewable Plant Fiber Tree Free 8″ 3-Compartment Clam Shell Container, 200 Count

Earth’s Natural Alternative is innovative and offering alternatives in daily use products which are safer and better for our Earth.

Constantly striving to bring our customers the best products available, without losing sight of our goal of making ‘going green’ affordable to all.

This Lunch Box is Gentle on Our Bodies and Our Earth

Going green does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.

This items is produced using quality material. It is entirely strong. Extraordinary for dry food and wet food. Likewise microwave safe, oil/fluid safe, 100% tree free.

The majority of ENA items that are totally compostable in a business treating the soil office or by internment; diminishing waste in our landfills. These items leave no destructive buildup in the climate.

Product is flexible. Extraordinary for all events, for example, office lunch/supper, birthday celebration, family assembling, BBQ cook out, and so on, and you can use is it for school lunch box.

From same source you can have a broad line of party supplies, for example, disposable plates, bowls, cups, decorative liners, paper straws, tree free napkins just to give some examples. Your party arranging will be less tedious, and better for the Earth!

Earth’s Natural Alternative 8″ 3-compartment hard core clamshell holder is produced using 100% feasible and inexhaustible wheat tail fiber and bagasse (sugarcane fiber).

Material is without gluten, produced using the plant tail not grains.

They are an earth advantageous option in contrast to plastic or Styrofoam, which contains non-biodegradable and oil inferred materials or paper, which requires chopping down trees.

They are compostable in either a modern fertilizing the soil office (1-6 months) or a home manure (as long as a year).

They are assembled tough, from 100% ecologically helpful characteristic, sustainable plant filaments.

Microwave safe and oil/fluid and cut safe. These are ideal for food administration industry – cafés for take out or To-Go requests and inexpensive food places (wonderful as a burger box), just as institutional cafeterias, schools, colleges, medical clinics and government office break rooms.

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