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US Polo Assn Pajama Pants, Men’s Ultra Soft Fleece Plaid Pajama Pabts

Buy Now On Amazon US Polo Assn Pajama Pants, Men’s Ultra Soft Pajama Pants US Polo Assn Pajama Pants, today’s topic is very interesting, and very informative. Since the start of covid 19, this lockdown has taught us very common points, such as we use pajama more than our formal and casual wear dress, I […]

U.S. Polo Assn.

The Best Fire Extinguisher For Our Motel

 Buy Now On Amazon For our motel we need this fire extinguisher, we want this not just because it is an necessary for our license but we buy this extinguisher for the safety of our customer and self. See On Amazon After reading many reviews about the fire extinguisher we come to conclusion that this […]


Pop Up Trash Can, Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can

Buy Now On Amazon Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can Since long time we are using different type of trash cans, in our Motel, in early days we use to place metallic trash those where bulky and looks unpleasant. See On Amazon Our intention is to use those things which are affordable, durable, good looking, modern and […]


Dental Floss, The Best In The Market And Reason To Buy

Glide Oral-B Pro-Health Deep Clean Dental Floss, Mint, Pack of 6 Buy Now On Amazon My wife and I both suffer from teeth sensitivity and gaps between teeth. It is the worst sensation when we eat fibrous things such as roasted chicken or if we eat ice cream, actually I love the baskin robin so […]


Garage Ceiling Storage, Overhead Garage Storage Heavy Duty

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Garage Rack Heavy Duty, Buy Now On Amazon I am confident this review of garage ceiling storage will give the real value of this garage ceiling storage, with my real experience. Since this covid our business of Motel is in slack and hence we turned to write […]


Inflatable Mattress, EZ Luxury Double High Queen Air Mattress with Built in Pump,

Affordable inflatable mattress. Buy Now On Amazon This inflatable mattress we bought it for our Motel, now in this post covid we have decided to change the mode of operation in our Motel, we bought most of the things disposable from inflatable mattress to disposable bed sheet and almost everything disposable, after reading many reviews […]